Wednesday, September 16, 2009

All beats are free for any non-profit project. Some examples are demos, mixtapes, websites (including Myspace and Soundclick), live shows, sharing with friends or just for listening.

Beats are added as often as reasonably possible, and on average amounts to 3 - 5 beats per week between and (alternate link).

All purchases include a personalized contract, the instrumental, and the separated tracks aka "tracking out" (Semi Exclusive and Full Exclusive only). All audio files are delivered in 16-bit WAV format and do not contain any tags. See site to preview contracts and for more details on company services.

All prices are in United States Dollars.

Leasing Rights are $25 each or 6\$100 [buy 4, get 2 free]
- allows up to 4000 units of commercial use.
- non-exclusive

Semi Exclusive Rights are $125 each or 3\$250 [buy 2, get 1 free]
- allows up to 50000 units of commercial use
- includes tracking out
- non-exclusive

Full Exclusive Rights pricing varies by beat (see list below) on . Instrumentals on (alternate link) are $250 each, 3\$500, and 7\$1000.
Bulk discounts are available and reasonable offers will be considered.
- allows unlimited commercial use
- includes tracking out
- beat will be marked as sold preventing any future downloads\licensing

24K Grills $299
All Good Things $499
Anthrax $999
Back To Business –sold
Bag Of Tricks $299
Born To Resist $499
Chuck Norris $499
Chuck Norris II $499
Dethroned I $499
Dethroned II $499
Die Slow $999
Disarm $499
Don’t Let Go $999
Doomsday $999
Duck And Cover $499
Element Of Surprise $499
Enemy Of The State $499
First Single $499
Forever Young $299
Hurt $499
Kill You $999
Lowrider –sold
Mama Told Me $999
Maybe Tomorrow $499
Mega Man $499
Motivation III $999
No Hard Feelings $999
No Sympathy $499
Pluto $999
Roll The Nickels $499
Scar Tissue $399
Shine $499
So Long, Goodbye $999
Stalker $299
Sucker Punch $999
Taking Time $299
Tears On Her Pillow II $999
Tonight $499
Torture Chamber $499
Trash Compactor $999
Treason 2008 $999
What Goes Around I $499
What Goes Around II $499
Years Go By Part I $499
Years Go By Part II $999
Years Go By Part III $499

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

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